Sunday, 20 November 2011

Oven Fries and Home-made Mayonnaisse

Some days there simply isn't enough food in the house. I nibble my way through lots of lovely nutritious food - like quartered apples and red pepper slices, some yogurt, a piece of grainy toast and maybe a slice or two of prosciutto. Then I pillage my stashes of junk - and eat two or three squares of chocolate, tag ends of chip bags, and maybe some soda crackers spread with butter, but still - there's something missing. Had me one of those days not long ago, but happily came up with a remedy at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Why not some oven-fries, made with Sieglinde potatoes, and lots of home-made, very very lemony mayonnaise? Why yes!

So you'll want the oven to be pretty hot - about 400º or 425º F. And then you'll want to put your rimmed sheet into the oven with a goodly skiff of oil - if you let the pan pre-heat for about 5-10 minutes before you add the potatoes they generally won’t fuse to the sheet. Or you can bake your fries on parchment paper instead. Scrub up your spuds (I leave the skin on) and slice them into wedges of whatever size you fancy. Scatter them over a clean tea towel and blot them dry, then tip them onto either the pre-heated oily sheet, or onto a parchment lined sheet (in which case give them a good drizzle of oil). You can add a little salt here, although I generally forget until afterwards. I know that no French or indeed any other chef would countenance such a move, but I decided to stop salting my roasted vegetables about a year or two ago in an effort to save my arteries. I don’t miss it anymore – except when I have potatoes on their own – then I sprinkle a little Maldon salt over the finished fries. Bake them until golden and crisp on the outside and tender within, giving them a shake or a stir once or twice. They’ll likely need about a half hour, give or take.
While this is going on, head over to delicious days to get the low-down on making mayonnaise from scratch. It’s worth it, it really really is worth it. Even if you, like me, get too enthusiastic with the lemon juice, and your mayo comes out a little on the saucy side. Be sure to heed Nicky’s advice about not using olive oil in this recipe - she’s right: the results will be a bit bitter (which I discovered to my chagrin during an earlier attempt). If you don’t feel like making mayo today, that’s okay too, you can still mix lots of fresh lemon juice into a generous dollop of shop mayo. Just don’t use products starting with M and ending with Whip for this, or if you must, please don’t tell me.
Pile the fries on a plate, add an enormous blob of mayo, and sit in a comfy chair with your feet wrapped up. Oh yes. 


  1. Back in the day when travelling Europe as a teenager I had copious amounts of fries with mayonnaise. Love it to this day, although the closest thing at the fish and chip shops here in K-town is tartar sauce.

  2. Wow oh wow oh wow! Those look simply divine!! gorgeous photo!!

  3. I do so love fries with mayo...kinda European...exotic. I've just now put potatoes into the oven at 425 degrees..."Cavendish" potatoes from the red soil of PEI, via Costco.. (altho'"packaged" in the US sold back to us Canucks and labelled as "Product of the US"!!) Give me a break...What a hoodwink!

  4. hi there... i'm waiting for your newest post here :)

  5. Just found your blog Sue! If my bookmark bar worked I would bookmark it! Very exciting and I look forward to trying out all the delicious things you make! ooops I am burning my toasted almonds as I get side tracked on the computer with my glass of wine!
    Your friend Mary